PowerBar REAL5 Vegan Energy Bar

Flavour: Banana Hazelnut
Sale price£2.49


You know what you want and you want to know what you eat. With the PowerBar REAL5® VEGAN ENERGY BAR, we make it easier than ever: only 5 vegan ingredients, such as oats, nuts and berries, plus magnesium for your energy metabolism. Great taste with no added sugars**. Be REAL and get the carbohydrate kick for your adventures - whether in everyday life or during exercise. Try the PowerBar REAL5® VEGAN ENERGY BAR in three delicious flavours.

  • Vegan*

  • Only 5 plant-based ingredients plus magnesium (contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism)

  • No added sugars**

  • 65 g for a really good bundle of energy



* Produced exclusively with vegan ingredients, however dairy products are also present on the production line. For the Strawberry flavour, egg products are also present on the production line.

** Contains naturally occurring sugars

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